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Why choose Nexware Cookware?


Best Non-Stick Cooking Pan and Wok.

Nexware is offering Hybrid Wok & Pan. It is a Tri-Ply MultiTech Non-Stick Stainless Steel, Honeycomb and compatible with all Types of Stoves including Induction Cooktops. This is one of the best Non-Stick cookware, with the following amazing product features: *Tri-ply stainless steel nonstick frying pan *Durable and scratch resistant *Increases thermal efficiency by 30% for even cooking. *Unique surface allows for cooking with minimal oil *Easy to Clean *Oven Safe *Tempered Glass Lid *Metal Utensil Safe

If you are new to nexware cookware, it is advisable to season it.

Nexware is the new generation cookware

Visit to see many uses and benefits of using Nexware Cookware

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