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Locally roasted with utmost freshness. Figaro Coffee makes everything better.

Figaro coffee is locally roasted with expert detail. This is to ensure their customers are always served a top quality brew. They roast their green beans fresh every week in their Metro Manila Facility. Indeed at Figaro “Coffee makes everything better”.

Figaro Coffee, aims to cater different taste preferences and customize the coffee bean compositions and roasting levels to suit customer’s desired cup of coffee. They have wide array offers of Classic Coffee at all their Cafe Branches in the Philippines from espresso, house brewed coffee, americano, Cappuccino, Flat White, Cafe Mocha, Salted Caramel Macchiato, Roasted Hazelnut Latte, Spanish Latte, Dark Mocha, Choco Chips Java and White Chocolate Mocha. They offer various drinks available their stores such as coffee based, iced coffees, frappes, teas, smoothies and much more, that are sure to satisfy you.

Figaro Coffee also offers amazing Coffee Cart Party Packages. They have three packages to choose from to enliven your upcoming events.

Robusta Package Php 16,000

100 Hot Drinks or 100 Frappes.

Arabica Package Php 18,000

50 Hot Drinks and 70 Frappes

Liberica Package Php 20,000

50 Hot Drinks and 100 Frappes

Figaro supports local farmers!

Figaro Coffee Company is dedicated to make a difference and exert efforts in improving the livelihoods of local coffee farmers by engaging them in contract farming, and organic farming—initiatives to build sustainable and prosperous local coffee communities. You can available their unique coffee blends and roasts beans at all their stores nationwide at reasonable prices.

In every cup we availed at Figaro Coffee, together, it makes a lasting impact contribution in the global coffee industry or contact them via Facebook and Instagram.

Figaro Merch are also available at

Let’s support local. Visit Figaro.

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