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Paper Moon Cafe PH now offers Savor The Flavor Party Platters

Celebrate the Ber months with your friends and family in an exquisite and flavorful way. Check these 7 Party Platter Creations exclusively available at Paper Moon Cafe Ph

Each of the Savor the Flavor Party Platter is good for 5-6 persons carefully crafted just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Perfect for the special occasions that are just around the corner. What we got here is our favorite Assorted Sushi Rolls Party Platter. consists of six pieces of California Dream Roll, six pieces of Crazy Kani Roll, six pieces of Mini Volcano Roll, and six pieces of Crunchy Kani Roll - so you get to sample a variety of flavors us sushi lovers have grown to love.

We tried their Assorted Sushi Platter, got it at only ₱1,779.00 (watch the video). It's delicious meal and perfect to serve to any party. The presentation alone will have your guests mesmerized before they even take a bite - it's a beautifully prepared dish with the freshest ingredients available. But of course, the real game is in the taste! All we can say is that these sushi rolls are absolutely delicious! very mouthwatering and addictive, packed with flavor and the perfect amount of crunch!

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