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Yam It Up Food Crawl Experience at Newport Mall, Newport World Resorts

Yam it Up experience, a showcase of the versality of Purple Yam!.

Here's a list of Ten (10) different restaurants in Newport Mall, Newport World Resorts who have crafted special Purple Yam dishes and drinks for you to enjoy exclusively in Newport Mall.

1. Garden Wing Cafe - Premium Purple Delights

2. Rafael's Tapas Bar & Restaurant -

Photo: Purple Bolognese

Photo: Tres Leches ala Ube

3. Fiery Style

Photo: Cheesy Ube Quesdilla

4. Kao Day & Night Club

Photo: Ube Buchi with Cheese

5. Chairman FU Hotpot Bar

Purple YAM-Filled Sesame Balls & Purple YAM Soy Milk Pudding

6. Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Photo: Purple Haze

7. ROB'S - Oyster and Ube Float & Purple Hills

8. Parmigiano Restaurant

Photo: Dolce Viola

9. Barcino Wine Resto Bar

Spanish Restaurant

Photo: Coquito con Ube & Pocion de Ube

10. The Red Crab Alimango House

Photo: Ginataang Bilo Bilo with Ube Halaya

It was really fun and truly a unique food crawl experience ever. We are so happy to know how versatile purple yam can really be. You can really see that each restaurant put so much effort into their purple yam inspired dishes and drinks! It's so worth it! we will definitely come back.

Overall, our experience at Newport Mall food crawl was really special! We absolutely loved it!

Highly recommend!

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